Marvel reveals new collaboration with former Worlds champs FPX

By Nicholas James


Oct 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players on one of China’s superteams are about to become superheroes, with FunPlus Phoenix announcing a merchandise collaboration with Marvel.

FPX’s Marvel merch was announced on Weibo, with an accompanying animated video. Though the merch was teased, no new gear was officially revealed. Fans of the former Worlds championship-winning organization did get some cool art reimagining FPX players as superheroes:

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League of Legends has done strong work drawing in massive non-endemic sponsors. Boasting partnerships with luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and more becoming the norm, League of Legends esports is an industry leader in this regard, especially with Overwatch League losing almost all of its sponsors this year.

FunPlus Phoenix is following in the footsteps of Team Liquid and announced a merchandise line with Marvel licensing.

Marvel first dipped its toes into esports sponsorships with North American organization Team Liquid in 2019, with most of its sponsored players repping Marvel brands, including its LCS team at the time. With Marvel holding the keys to the biggest cinematic universe on the block, it’s unsurprising it’d look to continue expanding its presence in competitive gaming.

FPX’s Marvel items have yet to be fully revealed, though the range of items was previewed via silhouettes at the end of the announcement trailer. The variety seems relatively standard, with baseball caps, tote bags, and casual wear as its central thrust. It’s uncertain what the merch will look like, but Marvel’s entire line with Team Liquid was eye-catching.

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The announcement comes mere days before FunPlus Phoenix takes to the stage at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Whether FPX’s roster can put a superhero-style smackdown on their opponents from other regions remains to be seen. The Worlds 2021 begins on October 5, with the play-in stage. Don’t forget to lock in your Crystal Ball Pick’ems before then.


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