Mang0 banned from Twitch for “sexual content” with anime figure

Olivia Richman • March 30, 04:20

Joseph “Mang0” Marquez received a three-day Twitch ban for “sexual content,” causing the Melee pro to rant about Twitch’s decision on Twitter. 

“Banned from Twitch for three days due to ‘sexual content,'” Mang0 tweeted. “What a fucking joke.” 

Twitch never officially revealed what exactly the “sexual content” was, but Mang0 recently had a VOD deleted in which he had humped an anime figure a few times while drunk on stream. During his ongoing subathon, Ludwig Ahgren responded to the situation by joking that Mang0 must have “humped that anime figure too many times” for Twitch’s liking. 

The Smash community largely felt the ban was unwarranted. Many other pro players questioned what Mang0 actually did to deserve the ban, especially when some female streamers have done much more “sexual” things without similar punishments. Mang0 clearly agreed with that sentiment, sharing a tweet that pointed out the abundance of women on Twitch wearing revealing clothing without issue. 

But Twitch wasn’t alone in their ruling. According to Mang0, someone messaged his business email soon after the ban to say they no longer wanted to work with the Melee legend. 

“Just a dumb sexy drunk fuck now,” Mang0 joked. 

While it’s unfortunate that Mang0 has potentially lost some income over the situation, his three-day ban will allow him to stream again as soon as April 1. 


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