Magneto Power in Fortnite: What does it do and how to get it

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 3, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The mutant from X-Men has arrived in the Fortnite arena with all his metal-manipulating techniques. Here’s how to get Magneto Power in Fortnite.

Throughout his history, Magneto has been both an enemy and an ally to the X-Men., but he’s by no means a superhero you’d look up to. Magneto is dreaded and dangerous as he can generate and control magnetic fields, allowing him to manipulate metal, create force fields, and fly by controlling the Earth’s magnetic field. In Fortnite, he acts the same way, but his abilities need to be earned.

Magneto Power isn’t activated by default. Instead, you need to run around the map to find Magneto Gauntlets.

How to get Magneto Power in Fortnite

The Magneto Power is a weapon that can be claimed by fossicking through random loot or in chests. But since it’s a scarce item, RNG may not help much, and players may have to take things into their own hands.

A guaranteed way to get Magneto Power weapon in Fortnite is by heading to Brawler’s Battleground a named location found in the southeast corner of the island. Here, you’ll be met with Wastelander Magneto NPC for 400 Gold.

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But it’s worth noting that you may want to prioritize getting to the location first if you really want the Magneto Gauntlet since there’s only one of this item in stock per match. This implies that you’ll have to outpace other players to claim it. If you’re a little late, you might want to think about snatching it from the other player by winning a fight.

What does Magento Power do in Fortnite?

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Magneto Power is a highly viable weapon that doubles as a shield.

With a left click, the gauntlet will summon shards of damage-dealing metal toward an opponent or an object. Players will have 5 charges of the metal shards, each of which will refresh after 8 seconds. Right-click turns those shards into a solid shield to block incoming damage.

Besides all that, Magneto Power makes players immune to fall damage as they have a low-gravity effect when they fall.