Luminosity Gaming seeks to bring new audiences to esports

By Marta Juras


Jul 7, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Luminosity Gaming has partnered with Big Digital to launch gaming activation sessions.

Luminosity and Big Digital are looking to bring esports closer to mainstream media and a wider esports audience by providing that audience with a more interactive experience. The partnership aims to share the esports experience to a broader audience by combining gaming containers and digital technology.

Luminosity is focusing on music audiences, as they believe there is a large intersection between the gaming and musical worlds. Luminosity’s mobile setup with gaming stations and merchandise stalls was present at the recent Bud Light Dreams Festival. The mobile setup allows Luminosity to promote its teams and players and provides it with many channels of interaction with the audience, such as mobile contests and lotteries.

Bud Light’s Dream Festival took place in Toronto on June 29. It was a three-day long outdoor music festival at which Luminosity’s project received generally positive responses from attendees.

The partnership is also working towards educating its brand partners about the esports industry and marketplace.

Luminosity has been working hard to contribute to the growth of esports, especially in terms of connecting with different non-endemic audience groups. Grammy-nominated artist Tory Lanez has been helping Luminosity engage with more fans and grow the brand further as the organization’s brand ambassador and a part of its ownership group since April 2019.

Luminosity also announced the Official LG Fornite House located in Florida in June. Alex “Formula” Kushelevskiy, John “Kiwiz” Payne, Nick “Nicks” Spoerke, and Jordan “Randumb” Schneider have collectively boosted the brand with over one billion views on YouTube, seven million Youtube subscribers, and over 900,000 Twitter followers.

Big Digital is a provider of interactive design solutions in North America and is a leader in the digital marketing industry. Its specialty is turning marketing initiatives into interactive campaigns that help monetize digital programs.