Ludwig Sykkuno

Ludwig rants about The Batman, riles up DC fans on social media

By Olivia Richman


Mar 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

DC fans are lashing out at popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren after his negative review of The Batman.

During a recent stream, the YouTuber said that the new DC movie was just “fine.” Ludwig apparently felt the movie should have been more fun, describing it as a “Marvel movie without any of the comedy.” Ludwig said that he didn’t laugh at all and that there “wasn’t a single joke.”

This was already an unpopular take with DC fans on The Batman, a movie that is supposed to be on the grittier side. But then Ludwig continued on to say that Batman actor Robert Pattison was “emotionless.” He felt that the film should have had a more fun vibe, asking for something more similar to Knives Out or the recent revival of Sherlock Holmes.

“Maybe I’m just an old f—— man,” Ludwig said after his viewers started roasting him for the take.

Ludwig shares controversial opinion on The Batman

DC fans are baffled by Ludwig’s opinion on The Batman, wondering why he expected comedy or fun after seeing the dark trailer. Like Joker before it and other recent DC films, The Batman has decided to give comic book fans a more serious look at its superhero subjects.

Ludwig’s opinion has continued to wreak havoc in the film world as others argued that the streamer should go see a comedy if he wants to laugh. The comparison between Marvel and DC has clearly rubbed some moviegoers the wrong way.

Marvel has continued to dominate the superhero space on the big screen, although some superhero fans prefer the darker films that DC is now releasing. But with Marvel’s popularity, many comic book readers feel as though movie critics are quick to harshly judge films that aren’t similar to Marvel in style.

Overall, The Batman has been receiving positive reviews from movie critics. Many in the streaming community are surprised to hear Ludwig’s hot take on the film. While he may not be a movie critic, his opinion still bears weight and persuades some of his viewers. Clearly, Ludwig is more of a Marvel fan.