Lucario, Snorlax top Pokemon Unite tier list after first patch

By Steven Rondina


Aug 5, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Pokemon Unite has received its first balance patch, but it didn’t necessarily make the game more balanced on the whole. 

Whether it’s the lack of changes to certain Pokemon or just players getting a better feel for the game’s best techniques and characters, Pokemon Unite’s top players are playing even fewer elite Pokemon than they did previously. Here is how things stand today.

Pokemon Unite tier list after first patch

  • S Tier – Lucario, Snorlax
  • A Tier – Eldegoss, Cinderace
  • B Tier – Alolan Ninetales, Wigglytuff
  • C Tier – Charizard, Venusaur, Machamp, Talonflame, Zeraora, Gardevoir, Greninja
  • D Tier – Absol, Pikachu, Gengar, Slowbro, Mr. Mime
  • F Tier – Garchomp, Crustle, Cramorant

Ideal high-level lineups are composed of Lucario, Eldegoss, Cinderace, Snorlax, and either Alolan Ninetales or Wigglytuff. That sees these six Pokemon sitting in the top three tiers, with everyone else on the outside looking to break in. The C tier is largely viable, but are all a definite step behind the top meta-defining Pokemon in the S and A tiers.

The good news is that a lot of Pokemon that were near the bottom of the original Pokemon Unite tier list got key buffs that made them much better. Talonflame and Venusaur both received huge buffs that established them as being more viable after they looked poor early on. On the flipside, Cramorant got a stiff hit in the patch with a nerf to Whirlpool that makes it much less threatening in the early stages of the game.

A number of Pokemon didn’t receive any changes, and some suffered as a result. Slowbro no longer looks to be a viable defender, with Snorlax being Pokemon Unite’s one true tank and Wigglytuff becoming a superior bulky option that is comparable to Slowbro. Crustle and Garchomp both seemingly needed a buff, but didn’t get one and remain at the bottom of the Pokemon Unite tier list.

Lucario and Snorlax are the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Following the first balance patch, Lucario stands comfortably as the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Lucario was already one of the strongest in Pokemon Unite, and the balance patch did not change that. Power-Up Punch was nerfed, but Bone Rush was buffed by having a bug fixed that made it deal less damage.

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While Lucario ended up holding steady, Snorlax wasn’t changed at all. The end result is Lucario and Snorlax holding steady as other top-tier characters were forced down. 

Eldegoss and Cinderace both received nerfs in the patch, but remain right near the top. Cinderace remains the best DPS option in Pokemon Unite, while Eldegoss remains the one and only healer in the game. Until those facts change, expect them to stay in this spot.

Alolan Ninetales and Wigglytuff are among the best in Pokemon Unite

The biggest beneficiaries of the patch are likely Alolan Ninetales and Wigglytuff. Ninetales falls into the same boat as Lucario, going unchanged but benefiting from others being pushed down. Wigglytuff is a very different story.

In the original Pokemon Unite tier list, Wigglytuff sat definitively in the F tier due to its lack of any notable strengths. In the patch, Wigglytuff received enormous stat boosts that turned the Pokemon into something like a tank. Alongside this was a buff to Double Slap’s damage, making the Pokemon a bit more offensively threatening.

Alolan Ninetales and Wigglytuff are both very strong, but aren’t as well-rounded as Lucario and don’t fit into the niches of Eldegoss, Snorlax, and Cinderace. They sit a definite step above the likes of Zeraora and Gardevoir, but find themselves in the B tier due to the fact that omitting them from a lineup isn’t necessarily a game-losing mistake.