Looking into the future through video games

By William Davis


Jul 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The future is coming and we don’t know what it will bring but we can guess. In the same ways movies and TV shows predicted cell phones and tablets decades before they actually existed, video games may be a glimpse into the future right now. 

The gaming industry has a lot of sci-fi titles that give a look into the possible futures of mankind. In that regard, here are some video games that may offer a look into the future.

Fallout New Vegas

Post-World War 3 dystopias are a common setting in science fiction. In Fallout: New Vegas, you’ll explore a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas as you go from place to place bouncing between multiple factions vying for control of the region.

While it’s a new Vegas, it’s similar to the old one in that it runs on casinos and seedier establishments. These kinds of games can be enjoyed on the best new betting sites, though there isn’t any sort of real-life gambling in Fallout.

The player ultimately comes upon the shadowy figure leading New Vegas and has to figure out what to do with that knowledge. That can lead to working with outside forces to overthrow the establishment, or blowing everything up and taking it over themselves.


As medical technology improves, we can expect it to start getting integrated directly into our bodies. These augmentations are already the norm in Observer and people can’t even find a job without them. The mighty Chiron Corporation rules the world and most of the citizens belong to class C. Class A is reserved for the elites and Class B is for the Observers, who keep the masses from interacting with the elites and uphold the law.

Players step into the shoes of an Observer and are faced with the horrors of the world they live in. This includes connecting to a living or a dead person’s consciousness through the augmentations and seeing what’s hidden. It’s also a game that tackles the possibility of digital consciousness which is a serious issue that will need to be resolved in the future.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It technically takes place in the past, but Star Wars remains the most iconic science-fiction entity. KOTOR is a story-driven game that brings back some key figures from extended universe lore. 

Some are friendly, while others are irredeemable villains. The hero discovers the Force within themselves at an advanced age, putting the whole Jedi Order in an awkward spot as they deal with the Sith. The player gets to tip the balance in this RPG, one way or the other.