LoL patch 11.13 to shift the meta with item and champion changes

By Christian Vejvad


Jun 16, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

A new patch is getting close, this time only with few changes to champions but instead big changes to systemic mobility and items. 

The systemic mobility changes were already revealed by Riot a few weeks ago and now they will finally arrive alongside patch 11.13. This will include mobility reduction across a lot of systems, which includes a big variety of items especially. The patch will also include the new items for fighters and tanks that have been teased recently. Besides these brought changes, there will be a little room to provide some champions with much needed buffs and nerfs.   

Riot to shift Viego back to his original role as a jungler 

The Ruined King has had a tough time in the game since his release, mainly due to several game-breaking bugs. Now that he finally seems more stable and has entered the competitive stage after months, Riot is looking to adjust him a bit towards his original role in the jungle. 

So far, Viego has been a strong flex pick for either mid, top, or jungle. This might change a bit in the upcoming patch as Riot will lower the healing from minions on Blade of the Ruined King (Q) to just 50%. Riot will instead buff the movement speed on his Harrowed Path (E), to empower ganks and movement through the jungle. The missile speed and length of Harrowed Path will also get buffed, making Viego even scarier when ganking or trying to outplay an opponent. 

Rumble in the jungle might be over after patch 11.13

Since the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, Rumble has been a strong and coveted pick in the jungle. Not only does he clear the jungle camps fast, but he also has an incredible impact in team fights if he hits a good Equalizer (R).

After seeing Rumble in professional play and performance in solo queue, it’s to no surprise that Riot will be toning the flame-spitting Yordle down for patch 11.13. While many have hoped for a nerf to his damage, Riot will be going another route and target his mobility through Scrap Shield (W). 

First of all, Riot will be giving it a slightly longer cooldown in the early game, which will slow down his movement through the jungle and make his ganks a bit weaker. Furthermore, Rumble will see a reduction in the movement speed gained through Scrap Shield. This will once again weaken his ganking power and ability to chase down opponents throughout the game. From the look of it, these nerfs probably won’t set Rumble out of the meta but hopefully put him in a healthier spot. 

New tank item coming to LoL in patch 11.13

Besides changes to champions and systemic mobility, patch 11.13 will also be the patch where new items are being added. It has already been revealed that Sanguine Blade will get a big overhaul and turn into Hullbreaker as a new item that will cater towards split pushers mainly. 

The details of Hullbreaker were already revealed a few days ago and now the next item in line has also been revealed. The item is called Anathema’s Chains and will be an item for tanks. The item allows the user to choose a “nemesis” which will be bound to one target at a time. The user of Anathema’s Chains will take reduced damage against the nemesis, to a maximum of 30%. Furthermore, the nemesis will have 20% reduced tenacity when near the wearer of Anathema’s Chains at max stacks.  

Getting this item will be fairly cheap with a cost of 2500 gold. The item will give 650 health and 20 ability haste, which seems perfect for any heavy tank such as Ornn, Sion, or even tank supports that want to be a meat shield for the team. The item will likely be the most effective against team compositions with a single-carry thread, which might mean a different approach in champion select in both solo queue and professional play going forward. 

When is LoL patch 11.13 being released? 

The upcoming League of Legends patch 11.13 is set to hit the live servers on Wednesday, June 23. Until then, the patch will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Besides the new changes, the PBE also holds the new game mode Ultimate Spellbook that players are free to test out before its official release. 


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