LoL patch 11.21 brings the end of All Chat, Teemo buffs, more

By Nicholas James


Oct 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has released the patch notes for League of Legends patch 11.21.

The patch targets champions that are overperforming such as Miss Fortune and Graves, while bringing up champions like Viego, Teemo, and Jinx. Dragonmancer skins join the game alongside some mastery and item changes to get everything settled for the upcoming preseason. Riot is also beginning their temporary test of disabling all chat in order to combat toxicity.

Teemo buffs in LoL patch 11.21 mean permanent blindness

The champions getting some love in this patch are Jinx, Lux, Sion, Teemo, Viego, and Xayah.

Viego saw recent nerfs and hasn’t been performing as well as Riot hoped, so he’s getting a bit of damage back on his passive and ultimate. Teemo’s buffs are the talk of the town since his newly improved Blinding Dart cooldown and increased duration means he can theoretically permanently blind an enemy. Not being able to auto-attack forever is the thing of nightmares for AD carry players, and many are fearing the champion becoming dominant becomes.

Jinx gets buffs to her passive, traps, and ultimate just in time for her animated series’ release. Overall none of the buffs seem huge, but all will help Jinx players reach that hyper carry point a bit more consistently. Most of the other champions receive small but meaningful buffs.

Goredrinker Nerfs on Patch 11.21, mastery changes

Riot has clearly had enough of every champion that can build Goredrinker doing so. Goredrinker’s health regeneration is being taken down a notch, and they’re returning its Omnivamp in order to lean into the sustain fantasy more. Goredrinker will also lose its ability to translate missing HP into bonus AD.

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Ironspike Whip is having its damage buffed, and Stridebreaker is getting even more damage to make sure it remains a tempting option for dueling champions.

Mastery changes take up the rest of the patch, with Conqueror and Ravenous Hunter taking some much-deserved nerfs. The two masteries in combination had become near-universal on offensive melee characters and Riot wants to give other masteries space to excel. Ingenious Hunter gets a buff that could help item active-focused builds.

The patch is relatively small, focusing on trimming some of the overperformers and making sure weaker champions can still hang in the preseason.


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