LoL fans angry after secret Arcane event is a $170 figure

By Nicholas James


Nov 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A secretive Arcane event celebrating the animated series was revealed to be a $170 figurine inspired by the series, and fans are disappointed to say the least.

Riot Games announced an Arcane anniversary event happening over the course of several weeks starting on November 8 with a Reddit AMA featuring Arcane creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee. One event on November 9 was kept secret, and many fans were expecting a trailer drop for the second season ahead of a possible 2023 release. Instead, Riot Games revealed that the “[REDACTED] drop” that many expected to be the trailer was a pricey piece of merch.

Redacted Arcane event drop revealed as monkey figure

The second event on the Arcane anniversary celebration was slated for November 9, with the secretive title of “[REDACTED] drop” on the official Arcane Twitter page’s announcement of the event. Many fans, expecting a look at the already-in-production season two, thought this was Riot Games laying the groundwork for the first teaser of Arcane’s second season. After the first season launched at the end of League of Legends’ largest tournament that year, Worlds 2021, the conclusion of Worlds 2022 was the perfect time for Fortiche Productions and Riot Games to drop a trailer. Instead, fans got a merch drop for a $170 figurine of Jinx’s wind-up Hextech monkey grenade from the show.

Arcane fans were heartbroken, with most replies from fans expressing disappointment that Riot Games had applied so much secrecy to a simple merch drop. Others showed disbelief at the price point. With the only event that could have been an Arcane trailer down, it seems like fans will have to wait until much closer to Worlds 2023 to know if Arcane’s second season will be blessing their Netflix feeds next year. They may just have to wait until 2024.

Whenever Riot Games decides to give fans a first look at the second season, it seems unlikely to happen as part of an Arcane event, instead being its own surprise arrival.


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