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Loba arrives in Apex Legends Mobile season 2, Cold Snap patch notes

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 14, 2022

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Fan-favorite legend Loba has officially entered the Apex Mobile outlands in the brand new season dubbed Cold Snap. 

Apex Mobile was released with a limited roster of 10 legends. All the characters at the launch were familiar to PC players, with the exception of Fade. Respawn introduced a character progression feature along with a new legend, meaning each new legend in Apex is locked in a battle pass. Caustic and Fade weren’t available to play right out of the gate. Instead, they required time and effort. 

After a smashing release and a successful season 1, Respawn has unleashed the translocating thief, Loba, into the deadly outlands. Season 2 Cold Snap will add a brand new face to the list of locked agents. 

Loba voice actress

Loba is already pretty popular among the PC players, but she’s now looking to get more fans in Apex Mobile. The translocating thief would fit well into the roster Respawn has been building up. Her teleporting and stealing powers will allow her to add to the team’s loot, strengthening their arsenal. 

How to get Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba is already a hit character in Apex Legends on PC and console, and her addition to Mobile would surely amp up the gameplay. However, players won’t have access to her support kit right away. Players must reach level 25 on the battle pass rewards to unlock Loba as a playable legend. Each level will net you a piece of her powers and kit.

However, unlocking her isn’t going to be easy. The battle pass requires extensive play time alongside daily commitment. 

For those who cannot wait to play their favorite legend, microtransactions are always an option. Players can also cop the legend from the shop.

Some of Loba’s perks include gaining extra loot from crates and even stealing her squadmates’ banners. Here are her other abilities. 

  • Eye For Quality – Nearby Epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls.
  • Burglars Best Friend – Teleport instantly by throwing your jump drive bracelet to a targeted location.
  • Black Market Boutique – Place a portable shop on the ground that allows you and your allies to loot the surrounding area instantly.

What’s new in Apex Mobile season 2? 

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Besides Loba, Respawn has introduced a new limited-time mode. The shotguns and snipers-only mode puts enemies up close and afar. There is no middle ground. A Climatizer has also been added as part of the Winter Warfare update. 

The Climatizer will toggle during the course of a match, covering parts of World’s Edge with snow. When the Climatizer is on, check your mini-map for Frosted loot boxes. Collect diamonds from frosted-over loot boxes and foes alike to spend on rare items in the seasonal shop. 


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