Lizard Skins aims to help gamers get a better grip on their controls

By William Davis


Mar 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Competitive gamers are always on the lookout for the next big advantage, and it may be coming in the form of performance grips.

Any gamer knows how much time is spent with hands on the mouse or gamepad. These are the tools of the trade, and being able to make proper use of them is critically important to playing at a high level.

Gamers have long been willing to scour the market for the very best options available in both mice and gamepads, often paying a premium price for the performance-enhancing peripherals made from the best materials available. But there may be a further option for ensuring great performance during play, and it’s not nearly as hefty a financial investment as the top mice and gamepads can be.

New industry entrant Lizard Skins has established itself as a top purveyor of grips for a variety of sports, starting with cycling and extending from there into baseball, hockey, and more. Its participation in esports and competitive gaming is a natural extension, so it’s no surprise to see them now playing their trade on behalf of gamers.

The company’s grips are designed to improve handling performance with a player’s peripheral of choice. The grips are meant to enhance comfort, both in the short and long-terms, offering a more comfortable grip than the hard plastic most peripherals are made of.

The grips also combat the slipping and sliding that can come from the effects of moist palms, something every gamer has experienced when the in-game action grows tense.

There’s science behind these efforts. Lizard Skins make use of a polymer-based material called DSP. It’s this material that has seen the company succeed in the world of traditional sport, including work with top professional leagues such as the NHL and MLB.

These same benefits are now being turned towards competitive gaming. And if gamers can be counted on for anything, it’s taking advantage of any opportunity to up their game against the field. It’ll be no surprise if products like these soon proliferate the competitive gaming space as players worldwide continue to hunt for the next edge over their opposition.


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