List of new CS2 community maps includes a classic 1.6 location

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2024

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The big Counter-Strike 2 update is here, bringing in five community maps to competitive, Wingman, casual, and deathmatch modes in CS2.

Leakers had earlier discovered a mention of classic and new CS2 maps in the game’s codes. While the initial guess was that they would be included in CS2’s first operation ever, Valve has rolled them all out on a random Wednesday. Not all players are pleased with Valve not releasing the operation pass, but most are happy to see Pool Day back.

Valve introduced a new update called “The Real MVP” on June 26, adding five new locations to CS2.

Is Thera in CS2 competitive?

Yes. Thera is a community map that is now available in competitive mode alongside Mills.

While both have been added to the game on the same day, they couldn’t be more different visually and layout-wise. Where Thera is a vibrant location with tight chokepoints and complex passageways, Mills is set in a remote location with wide entryways and expansive halls. Both maps have been well-received by CS2 fans.

Besides competitive, Thera and Mills are also available to play in casual and deathmatch mode. This way, new players can dust off their skills before diving into ranked mode.

How to play Pool Day in CS2

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Pool Day can be played in Arms Race mode in CS2. It is one of the community maps added to CS2 on June 26, alongside Thera, Mills, Memento, and Assembly.

Pool Day is an iconic location from CS 1.6, which is named after its signature pool in the middle of the map. This interactive pool often housed weapons at the bottom and has remained iconic through years. Now, it has returned to CS2’s Arms Race mode. Everything has been recreated more realistically, from the blue and orange tiles in the toilets to transparent water in the pool.

All of these maps will be playable after updating the game on June 26.


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