Lies of P guide: How to beat the Walker of Illusions

By Nicholas James


Oct 2, 2023

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The Walker of Illusions is an optional miniboss in the Lies of P game, here’s how to defeat this dastardly duplicator and abscond with its loot.

The Walker of Illusions can be found in the Collapsing Krat area of Lies of P. It’s an agile, mobile attacker that can catch players off guard if they’re not ready. This is our quick and easy guide on how to defeat the Walker of Illusions. We’ve even included how to find and soup up a specific weapon to be able to absolutely destroy this usually difficult boss.

Walker of Illusions guide

The Walker of Illusions is found in a cramped indoor room in the Collapsing Krat area after defeating the Green Monster of the Swamp. This fight is made even more difficult than it should be by the cramped confines it happens. This is something that you can both account for and use to your advantage at times. Despite the Walker of Illusions being incredibly mobile, that mobility loses value in a smaller space if you’re trying to stay up close and personal with it.

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This also forces the Walker of Illusions to use its basic melee attacks. This is much easier to counter and dodge than its dash attacks. Don’t try to beat the Walker at mobility. Stand toe-to-toe with it as long as you can, get distance, regroup, and then close the gap again. Blocking is key, you don’t want to just trade blows with the Walker. It will still rip apart your health bar, but when you’re close you at least have the option of trading back. Skirmish around it without leaving enough distance for it to pepper away at you with dash attacks and mobility usage.

One of the Walker’s moves builds up Disruption, this attack has a significant telegraph period. You can best avoid it by sprinting away and getting what little distance you can before closing the gap again. The Walker has a basic five-to-six hit combo, at the end of which it can unleash its unblockable Fury attack. When this happens, a quick dodge sideways right before this forward lunge happens will get you out safely.

This lunge can completely break your guard, so it’s best to be constantly thinking about this move when the Walker breaks out into its long combo.

Walker of Illusions Phase Two

The Walker of Illusions, like any good Souls-like boss, has a second phase. At half health, the Walker will leap backward and pirouette through the air. When it does, it will summon an illusory duplicate of itself. The real Walker of Illusion’s health will be represented by the normal boss health bar, while the copy will have a health bar floating above its head.

The copy may be as offensively powerful as the Walker of Illusions, but it’s nowhere near as durable. Since the clone has far less health, you’re best off following the Walker in its dash. This will let you get several well-timed attacks that can hit both the original Walker of Illusions as well as its new duplicate.

The duplicate isn’t as aggressive as the original Walker of Illusions, so deal with the angriest one first and then take opportune swipes at the clone whenever you can. Focus down the duplicate as fast as you can, but don’t sacrifice too much health in the attempt to take it down. Rinse and repeat from here, making sure to continue prioritizing staying close and aggressive.

Remember that the Walker of Illusions is best when it’s trying to close distance on you. Take away this advantage by forcing every fight that you can to take place nose-to-nose with the creepy doll.

Walker of Illusions Loot

The Walker of Illusions drops the Legion Caliber item and a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. There are only 15 Legion Calibers in the game, and these are used to upgrade or modify Legion Arms, so you’ll want to pick up every single one of these that you can get your hands on. Dark Moon Moonstones are also used to upgrade weapons, so this is a great set of rewards.

Seven Coil Spring Sword Cheese

If you are having a lot of trouble with this boss, or you just want to get revenge for all of its high-mobility antics, there’s a way to cheese this boss. The Seven Coil Spring Sword is a weapon that with the right equipment can allow you to trivialize this encounter. There are other cheesy methods, but this one seemed to be the most repeatable and oft-referenced online in community circles.

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Equip the Seven Coil Spring Sword, select the Legion Arm option of Aegis and then finish it off with Legion Magazines on the belt. This will allow you to near-perpetually hit the Walker of Illusions. By using the Seven Coil Spring Sword’s Flame Grindstone, you can walk into the Walker of Illusions and begin to stagger it with this attack. The Legion Magazines are to be used when the Legion Arm is about to finish and then you can enough distance to restock using a Legion Magazine and continue.

How to get the Seven Coil Spring Sword

The Seven Coil Spring Sword can be acquired by speaking to Alidoro after acquiring the Parade Leader’s Ergo after defeating the Parade Leader. It’s a toothed greatsword, reminiscent of Warhammer 40,000 or Gears of Wars chainsaw-style blades. It’s a great Special Weapon and offers huge amounts of stagger with its forward-marching special move that spins the teeth of the sword and keeps you plodding forwards into the enemy.

This weapon is great for stagger-locking mobile foes. It’s pretty cheesy when used right, but there’s nothing wrong with a good weapon exploit in a Souls-like game.


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