LGD Gaming gets upset by Rainbow7 in 2020 World Championship

By Melany Moncada


Sep 26, 2020

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LGD Gaming finished day two of the 2020 World Championship with no wins after a surprising loss against Rainbow7.

LGD fans are having 2015 flashbacks after the team was defeated by LLA’s Rainbow7. LGD, one of the favorites to advance from Play-Ins, is having a difficult time finding its footing in the tournament. So far, the team has accumulated two defeats and is looking like the weakest team in Group B.

How Rainbow7 shocked Worlds fans, beating LGD Gaming

Things went wrong from the start for LGD when the team missed a ban. Despite that mistake, the team secured a solid composition with jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho on Lee Sin, one of his favorites.

Peanut wanted to be proactive early and go for those level three ganks, but R7 was ready to punish him. Instead of regrouping and figuring out the opponent, LGD kept forcing the skirmishes.

In theory, LGD had a better composition with decent scaling and all the tools it needed to win the team fights. The problem was the execution. No matter where on the map they fought, the LGD players couldn’t find the right position and angles.

R7 outplayed LGD in every fight, managing to secure several objectives around the map including two barons and the dragon soul.

R7 gained momentum and kept pushing LGD. This made LGD restless and they kept making mistakes after mistake. R7 was smart enough to punish each and every one. Powered up with the baron buff, R7 pushed one last time and aced the opponent inside the base.

LGD is the only winless team in Group B at the moment. The LPL representative needs to win the remaining two matches if it wants a chance to advance to the knockout stage. With this victory, R7 is keeping the dream alive. The underdog organization might secure a tiebreaker before the elimination round.  


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