Legends of Runeterra progression, loot system revealed by Riot

Marta Juras • November 10, 22:35

Riot Games is ready to jump into the digital card game genre with Legends of Runeterra.

Some players already got a chance to play the beta test and the developer has recently offered clear details on the in-game progression system.

As with any other trading card game, collecting cards to play with is a major part of LoR. Cards can be obtained via quests, capsules, chests, vaults, and other rewards. Players can earn these through gameplay progression, as well as through direct purchases of shards and wildcards, as explained by the design lead for progression in LoR, Ryan “RyscG” Giuliany.

LoR capsules, chests, and region rewards

Chests and capsules will be available as rewards for completing daily quests and unlocking region rewards. Almost every chest and capsule can be upgraded to a higher rarity, which can lead to greater rewards.

That said, the lowest-tier rarity capsules will include common wildcards. Champion, rare, and epic cards are included at higher tiers. Bronze and silver chests will include common and rare wildcards, and shards for card purchases. Gold chests and higher will include capsules and more shards.

Once players reach level 20 in a LoR region by gaining experience and unlocking region-specific cards, they will start earning region rewards. Rewards start with wildcards at lower levels and progress all the way to champion capsules as players approach fully unlocking a region. Rewards will also include lower-tier capsules and chests.

Legends of Runeterra vault rewards

Gaining experience by playing will count towards the vault system. Vaults are a sort of loot box that give random rewards, with high-level vaults carrying better odds of getting good loot. The loot can include chests and wildcards.

Vaults will be distributed as players reach experience milestones, starting from zero for the first level rewards, all the way up to 25,000 XP. Reaching the level 10 vault will award a player with a guaranteed champion card.

Riot wants to make sure LoR is polished before its release, so smaller tweaks to the progression system are possible. Chosen players will be able to try the game again in the next preview patch on November 14.

More information about LoR’s progression system is available here.


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