Leffen considers quitting Melee after Summit 11 visa issues

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Super Smash Bros. Melee star William “Leffen” Hjelte won’t be at Smash Summit 11 due to visa issues. This is actually one of an abundance of travel problems throughout his Melee career and it seems like this one may be the final straw for Leffen. 

Leffen revealed on Twitter that “silly” visa problems have kept him from making the trip to North America, where the tournament will take place July 15 to the 18th. Leffen was one of two non-North American competitors who had received a direct invite to the in-person Melee competition. 

“Really fucking depressed about being robbed from yet another year of Melee competition. At this point, I’m leaning towards quitting Melee and I will focus on Strive. Being out for two years straight now with no end in sight is too much, man. I feel like giving up,” Leffen tweeted. 

Because of the numerous cancellations of in-person events, Leffen has been struggling to stay motivated with Melee. With almost no online options, the lack of in-person opportunities left Leffen unable to compete. He tweeted that it would now be over a year of no real practice. Leffen also missed EVO 2019 due to visa complications. 

The pro player from Sweden blamed Melee’s competitive scene for his lack of motivation. “Feeling like you are the best in the world at something and yet will never get to prove it as everyone only cares about what happens in NA really is rough. Hard not to feel like all the work I put in trying to stay competitive in a far worse region was a waste,” Leffen said 

Leffen explained that he was one of the best players in 2015 but the travel issues ruined his flow for two years. Then 2020 disrupted his momentum in the pro scene again, leaving Leffen feeling as if he has “nothing to show” for his hard work in the Melee scene. Leffen said that he’s had “bad luck” throughout his Melee career. 

“Maybe it’s just time,” Leffen said. 

Leffen then told fans that he may switch over to Guilty Gear Strive, leaving Super Smash Bros. Melee altogether. It’s unclear if the top player will truly leave the scene, but fans told Leffen that he’s left a lasting legacy in Smash either way.