LEC will be completely remote through 2020 LEC Summer Playoffs

Christian Vejvad • August 20, 2020 7:51 pm

Riot Games will keep the 2020 LEC Summer Split playoffs remote because of the ongoing global pandemic. 

The LEC teams are getting used to playing from home, and they will have to continue doing that now into the summer playoffs. The league has been played remotely since the spring split, where teams and the broadcast were sent home because of the global viral outbreak. The spring playoffs were also played online, where G2 Esports had to lift the trophy in socks and sandals only with a virtual crowd behind them. 

Riot said in its update that the company has been monitoring the situation in Berlin, the location of the LEC studio, to decide if it was safe to invite the teams back into the live studio or not. Riot acknowledges that the show is best when teams are competing live from the studio, but that the amount of staff required in the studio would increase too drastically for it to be safe once every team returns. 

“We had previously hoped that we would be able to bring the teams back to the studio for Playoffs, however, we are still unable to find a safe solution to accommodate everyone,” Riot said in their playoffs update. “We have made the call to play the rest of the 2020 LEC Summer Season with teams competing remotely from their training facilities,”

LEC playoffs to be played at home

From the beginning of the summer split, most LEC broadcast members were back in the studio, but without any teams or crowd. This will still be the case for the playoffs, so fans can still look forward to live analysis and casting from the LEC studio in Berlin. 

Other regions, such as the LPL and LCK, have had its teams play live from the studio but without any crowd in attendance. The LCS on the other hand is still completely remote including both the broadcast team and players. 

The upcoming 2020 World Championship will also mostly be played remotely, with play congregating in Shanghai. The final is set to be played in the new Pudong Soccer Stadium, but it’s not yet confirmed if there will be any sort of crowd in attendance for the event.


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