LEC returns to LEC Studio, LAN play in week 5 of summer split

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LEC players and fans alike have been waiting patiently for teams to return to the LEC Studio in Berlin and now, it’s finally happening. 

Starting from the upcoming 2021 LEC Summer Split Week 5, teams will return to on-stage play in the studio but with a few caveats. While everyone had probably hoped for a full return, the LEC will start slowly and have the first, third, and fifth game of each game day played in the studio. This format is meant to keep things as safe as possible in the small Berlin studio. 

“We are thrilled to announce that starting with Week 5 the LEC teams will once again be competing from the main stage,” LEC commissioner Maximilian Schmidt said. “As always, the safety of our teams, staff, and partners is our number one priority.”

Only having three on-stage games each day will have the LEC broadcast switch back and forth between live and remote games. It’s expected that all games will be played in the studio in time, but for now, the rest of the split will likely be partly remote to keep everyone safe. 

“We chose to bring teams back for three games per day in order to ensure we can safely distance everyone in the studio,” Schmidt said. “Due to size limitations onsite we don’t have the capacity to have all ten teams in the studio simultaneously while still maintaining social distancing.”

The LEC teams haven’t been playing on stage for the better part of a year, except for the 2021 LEC Spring playoffs where teams were allowed back to play on stage. Getting the teams back will mean a better experience for viewers as well as the players finally getting a bit of the competitive stage experience back. Some of the current LEC players have never even played live in the LEC studio, so it will likely be a big change in routine for some of the youngest in the LEC. 

Despite teams returning to the stage there won’t be a live audience for at least a while. According to Schmidt, there is still no estimate when it comes to fans returning. 

The first game on site is expected to be SK Gaming vs. FC Schalke 04 on Friday, July 9.