Brimstone from Valorant

Leaks say major Brimstone buffs coming in Valorant Episode 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 11, 2021

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Riot Games’ multiple additions to Valorant’s agent roster has sidelined some older agents like Brimstone. However, a new leak suggests that the developer will boost the aged controller’s abilities in the upcoming patch 2.00. 

Episode 2’s early release has revealed that Brimstone may finally get some love from the developer. The old sarge’s kit will get some polishing, which may bring him back into the game meta. 

Episode 2 buffs will see Brimstone come to the fore with a kit that’s both affordable and deadly. The controller would execute his set job of blocking vision effectively as his Sky Smokes will cover more ground and last for 19.25 seconds. With a substantial decrease in incendiary’s price, Brimstone will be able to invest in heavy weaponry even after loading up his kit for minimal creds. Finally, his stim beacon will instantly be equipped upon pressing the ability key. 

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After spending months as Valorant’s least played agent, the leaked buffs seem promising enough to elevate his rusty kit. Brimstone’s repaired stim beacon should allow him to contribute on the battlefront alongside duelists, while his smokes will strengthen his role as a controller. 

Brimstone’s buffs may change the Valorant agent meta

Controllers have a tactical kit that requires them to operate safely, while players like to top the scoreboard with aggressive duelists. On top of that, the addition of versatile new agents like Skye and Killjoy has only pushed Brimstone into the background. The controller agent has barely received any attention from the developers since its release.  

Despite the three sky smokes and an incendiary, Brimstone continued to be an underdog since the game’s release. From casual games to professional matches, the controller has remained to be a rare sight in rosters. Teams looking for smokers, often opt for Jett or Omen, as they bring unique abilities to the table. For firepower, players prefer duelist Pheonix who has a powerful flash. In a crowd of versatile agents, Brimstone often became a shunned character, but these new changes could bring him back to Valorant’s meta.

Fellow controller Viper accompanies Brimstone in the list of the least played agents in Valorant. Omen is the only controller to escape this seeming curse and became a favorite agent in Valorant. However, Episode 2 is likely to impact the game’s meta even beyond the changes in Omen and Brimtone’s kit that may tweak their pick rates. 


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