Leaks may show next the three new Pokemon for Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Dec 16, 2021

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There’s reason to believe that Gallade, Blaziken, and Wobbuffet will be the next new playable characters in Pokemon Unite.

An image posted on a Facebook group in August has taken on some sudden relevance in recent weeks. During the summer, an unofficial Facebook page called Pokemon Unite Philippines posted an image designed to farm engagement asking users which of six different Pokemon they’d most like to see added to the game as a playable character.

Included in the six are Decidueye, Tsareena, and Dragonite. The other three are Wobbuffet, Blaziken, and Gallade.

The post, dated August 23, came more than two months before the initial tease for Decidueye and three months before the reveals of Tsareena and Dragonite. That certainly adds a bit of intrigue regarding the three other Pokemon listed that aren’t yet available in Pokemon Unite.

While the post didn’t cover several other newly released Pokemon, it’s worth noting that Sylveon and Mamoswine were officially confirmed on August 18 and data miners discovered Greedent on August 22. This means the post covered the next three unannounced and undiscovered Pokemon in a row.

There’s no indication within the post that it was meant to be a leak or anything more than a post to farm likes for the page. It’s also not as though Tsareena and Decidueye are especially popular or relevant Pokemon. All this really means that either the graphic’s creator knew something that the rest of the Pokemon fandom didn’t, or they were just astoundingly lucky while creating the post.

How would Gallade, Wobbuffet, and Blaziken play in Pokemon Unite?

Gallade and Wobbuffet both represent some interesting possibilities in Pokemon Unite.

The addition of Gallade to Pokemon Unite would make Ralts and Kirlia the first Pokemon in the game with diverging evolutionary paths. Though Slowpoke and Eevee are both in the game, thus far they can only evolve into Slowbro and Sylveon, respectively. 

While it would likely be difficult to balance the ability to select how one evolves as the game progresses, it’s an interesting possibility that would set Gallade and Gardevoir apart. If not, it might see Ralts and Kirlia have entirely different moves before evolving.

Wobbuffet would also be an interesting addition to the game. Wobbuffet is a gimmicky Pokemon in the mainline games, with its only serious offensive options being Counter and Mirror Coat, two moves that reflects damage back at the attacker. No other Pokemon in Unite has had that sort of ability before.

As for Blaziken, well, it looks pretty cool.


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