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Leaker reveals fast travel system coming to GTA Online

By Olivia Richman


Dec 3, 2022

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The next Grand Theft Auto game is still a long ways away, but fans of the franchise have continued to enjoy the ongoing shenanigans of Grand Theft Auto Online. Now, a leaker has revealed that some highly anticipated features are coming in an upcoming update.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been around since 2013, but it has managed to stay fresh thanks to an abundance of content updates and hype around the role-playing side on Twitch. The next change-up will come with the 2022 Winter Update, which has some long-awaited features.

For the longest time, GTA Online players have enjoyed a lot of car-related hijinks. They like to steal and race supercars and sports cars that are worth much, much more than Adept’s. While racing around in a car is part of the fun, some players have wanted alternate options to get around the expansive environment.

Now, an answer is on the way.

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GTA Online taxi fast travel coming in 2022

Grand Theft Auto insider TezFun2 shared a fast travel rumor back in early November. He said that there would be a taxi service coming to GTA+ members. Since then, gamers have been awaiting this additional feature.

Now, leaker Gaming Detective has more information about this feature. Fast travel appears to be coming as a part of the 2022 Winter Update.

GTA Online currently has a limited fast travel feature that only allows players to reach certain locations depending on where they are. Helicopter drop-offs are another option for people not in the mood to traverse the map in a car.

The fast travel taxi service promises to be a lot more extensive, however. Similar to fast travel in the campaign, the taxi service would allow GTA Online players to reach any area of the map.

For now, this update hasn’t been confirmed by Rockstar Games. The update is coming between December 13 and 15, however, so players will get answers soon enough.


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