Leak suggests agent profiles with custom keys for Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players will soon be able to create agent profiles with specific keybinds, leaks suggest. 

Dedicated Valorant players find it hard to juggle between numerous agents due to variations of abilities. The upcoming update will make switching agents easier with a brand new agent-specific keybind feature, according to ValorMike. 

Valorant has a total of 17 agents, including brand new sentinel Chamber. Each agent has a unique power kit with abilities set on default four keys. Players can change the Q, C, E, and X keys, but it’s inconvenient for those who like to change agents with each map. This can mess with muscle memory and impact utility usage in high ELO games.

Riot Games’ upcoming addition to Valorant’s quality of life will improve the competitive experience. 

With agent profiles, players won’t have to switch keys for each ability manually. Players might be able to pick Reyna’s profile from settings after running Phoenix in competitive. This was a much-needed change as many agents share three powers: molotov, flashbangs, and smokes. Changing agents game after game can slow down the players in high-risk situations. 

For example, Pheonix’s flash is set on Q, whereas Skye blindsides enemies with the E key. Many agents in Valorant have powers that clash with others, which may be confusing in high-stake games. The new update will allow players to create binds on their preferred keys. 

When are agent profiles coming to Valorant? 

It’s still unknown when this feature will get officially implemented, but it might be added during the current act before Episode 4 starts. 

Keybind feature has been on the developer’s cards since the game’s release in 2020. UX designer Jason Falcone had addressed the matter of Agent-specific keybinds in Valorant months after Valorant’s release. 

“Agent-specific keybinds are very high on our priority list, and we’ve already started work on the feature. The exact patch timing is still unknown, but it’s something we want to deliver to players ASAP,” he said

Along with keybinds, Riot will finally spawn Chamber into the Valorant agent protocol. The Sentinel will enter the roster with his own Operator, Sherrif, and a business card teleporter. Players will also be able to grab Chamber’s pistol by completing his contract.