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Leak gives first look at new Season 15 Apex Legends map

By Olivia Richman


Sep 22, 2022

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Apex Legends players got their first look at a new map located on the planet Boreas thanks to a leaked teaser shared earlier this week.

As Season 15 approaches, the Apex Legends community has been speculating about the new map arriving in the update. Players already knew that the next map was going to be on Boreas, where the legend Seer is from, thanks to the lore revealed in Seasons 13 and 14. But not much else was known about the map until now.

A prominent Apex Legends leaker known as AG420 has given players an early glimpse at the highly anticipated new map.

What we know about Apex Legends new map on Boreas

A leaked teaser of the new battle royale map has been shared by AG420 on Twitter, showing off the environment and other interesting information.

In the teaser, a player can be seen selecting Lifeline and waiting to load into a game mode called A New Home as eerie music plays in the background. The player loads into the Arenas map, Encore, and the announcer promptly tells them they have earned an “exclusive sneak peak” at the next home of the Apex Games.

The player rushes to board the drop ship to be transported to the new map.

Lifeline lands on the new map, which appears rocky and barren yet full of bright red plants growing on the side of cliffs. She uses some type of zipline to make her way around the map, showing various areas of the seemingly abandoned environment. The narrator states that the “brightest minds” plan to transform the satellite into a “thriving metropolis.”

The new map has been teased by Apex Legends both in-game and on social media in the past. As far back as July, Seer discussed the state of his planet in an interview due to a humanitarian issue. In a comic released in Season 14, Seer references the interview and says he wants to address the citizens of Boreas since some blame him for the issues plaguing the planet.

Seer decides he wants to speak to the owner of the Syndicate about bringing the Apex Games to Boreas. This would provide more income to the planet.

The Apex Games will take place either on Boreas itself or the moon, which has been mentioned in easter eggs hidden within in-game events. The map is also said to be called New Moon, which makes it an even bigger possibility.


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