Leak finds new Pokemon Unite Holowear, including epic Crustle

By Steven Rondina


Oct 21, 2021

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Pokemon Unite is set to add a bunch of new Holowear skins over the next month, and a leak is letting fans exactly know what’s coming.

Following the announcement of the Halloween Festival, a leak has revealed more Pokemon Unite skins that are set to arrive in November. These skins are follow-ups to established Holowear styles with new ones being discovered alongside the Holowears that were revealed in the Halloween Festival trailer.

Included in these skins are newly revealed skins for Charizard, Wigglytuff, and Crustle. The Crustle skin in particular is an impressive one, with the Pokemon seemingly having the rock on his back adorned with the Parthenon from Greece. It brings some of the wackier fan-made skins to life, with many of them focusing on enormous structures or funny objects being placed on the Pokemon’s back.

Alongside the new Pokemon skins is a new outfit for players’ trainer avatar. The new skin looks like a detective suit modeled after Lucario, with a khaki trenchcoat and hat covering a dark blue vest. Both are adorned with spikes on the chest and upper arms, similar to Lucario.

It’s unclear exactly when or how these skins will be made available to players. Some were revealed as part of the Halloween Festival event while others weren’t. It’s possible that some will receive a normal addition to the shop, while others could be attached to the next Pokemon Unite battle pass. Either way, players won’t have to wait for long to get answers.

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How do you get Holowear in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite’s Holowear skins are meant to be obtained through the Zirco Trading portion of the in-game shop.

Zirco Trading exchanges the Aeos Gems currency for Holowear, with Aeos Gems only being available via microtransaction. In this way, Holowear items are primarily designed to be stuck behind a cash paywall for players.

There are other ways to get Holowear that aren’t direct purchases. The Pokemon Unite battle pass includes multiple Holowear skins, with each battle pass having at least one available instantly.

Alongside this are Holowear Tickets, which are available as a reward for obtaining duplicate cosmetic items at random. The most common way to farm these is through the Aeos Energy rewards. Holowear Tickets can be redeemed through the Zirco Trading section of the shop with a rotating set of options.


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