League of Legends to add report button in champion select in June

By Melany Moncada


Jun 5, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Riot shared an update on the matchmaking improvements in League of Legends. The next step is to include a report and mute button to the champion select screen, which will be available by the end of June or early July. This button is part of the anti game-ruining behavior measures that Riot is deploying. Based on the data collected upon deployment, Riot will create punishments.

This follows a very public criticism of the solo queue experience by a number of notable pro players and streamers earlier this year.

Riot keeps improving matchmaking in League of Legends

The matchmaking in solo queue is one of the many issues Riot faces with League of Legends right now. Whether it’s an unfair auto-fill parity or a notorious skill difference between the players in the team, Riot is looking to fix things in 2020. The goal is to launch those fixes without compromising the queue times. So far, Riot is reporting positive results.

Autofill parity

Patch 10.6 equalized the number of autofill players in both sides of the map. According to the update, less than 5 percent of the games report an autofill imbalance.

Premade parity

Patch 10.7 introduced premade parity, a feature that guarantees that both teams get the same number of premade players. The imbalance went from 54 percent to six percent.

Improved matchmaking algorithm

The next step is to improve the matchmaking algorithm. Riot’s goal is to correctly identify the skill level of each player and place them in matches with others of a similar skill level. The new algorithm is live in normal queues and will find its way to ranked queues in the preseason.

All of these changes aim to make the solo queue experience better for players. Riot confirmed that so far, the queue times remain almost the same. Riot continues to improve the player experience with small, but impactful changes.