League of Legends servers face issues in some regions for Clash

By Olivia Richman


Dec 8, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The much anticipated return of Clash was met with a few major bugs. 

Clash was relaunched as an open beta in all regions, allowing players to compete in the tournament mode once again. But glaring issues seem to be plauging Clash just like the mode’s previous launches. 

One Reddit user said that Clash in the Oceania server, located in Australia, was loading on the old map, which doesn’t have alcoves and the new dragons, as well as the new terrain. They stated that the map does change, but “the changes are invisible.” 

“It’s the new map with the old map as the visual. We had an Infernal map, which meant people can walk through the walls. Brushes are invisible. Bot lane brushes are in the wrong spot. You think youre invisible but youre not,” another Redditor added. 

Many other comments echoed this sentiment, mentioning their entire team being invisible, as well as certain spots or features of the map. The issue seemed to be found primarily on the OCE server.

Riot rep More Chrono responded to the thread, stating: “Hey all, sorry about this. We had a mixup with some of the setting on the queue in regards to the map. Should be fixed going forward.” 

LoL Clash ongoing issues on OCE, EUW

The global beta released yesterday came after a two-year hiatus. The game mode was removed in 2018 due to its instability and many bugs. 

Developers said in a press release that they had tested Clash in all regions simultaneously before deciding to officially launch the game in 2020. After hosting 22 tournaments across 11 servers, the Riot team felt Clash was ready for a global beta leading up to the relaunch. 

“Once the global beta is complete, we’ll have a clearer idea about how Clash works in the real world. We’re going to take a little time after the beta to fix any issues that crop up, but if things run generally smoothly, we’re prepared to launch Clash a few months into 2020,” a Riot representative said.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Clash is facing issues once again, though it appeared as though the map problem was fixed more quickly this time around.

What is LoL Clash? 

Clash is a biweekly competitive game mode that has teams of five competing against opponents of a similar skill level. These squads form an eight-team bracket, which is played over a weekend. Teams compete in up to three tournament games, hoping to win prizes and a trophy that will be displayed in Summoner’s Rift games for two weeks after the tournament. 

Teams that participate in Clash also receive Victory Points. A tournament’s winner earns 200 VP, which can be used on banners and can be shown off in Summoner’s Rift. Vicotry Points also scale based on the team’s tier. The higher the skill level, the more VP that can be earned. 

But teams don’t have to win to get prizes. After exiting a bracket, all teams will receive an orb or capsule. These items will include an XP boost and a new team logo for the next tournament. 


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