League of Legends event rewards are changing, here’s how

Nicholas James • December 3, 20:11

Riot Games has announced sweeping changes to how event points are calculated for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics players during in-game events.

Previously, players were given set rewards for the number of games they played while events were active. With the new update, players will instead be able to collect rewards based on the amount of time they spend playing League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, rather than a flat amount of games played. These changes will go live with the Debonair event and seem to be here to stay.

How do the new League of Legends event rewards work?

The new League of Legends event rewards system is meant to address the uniformity of the previous rewards for games. Players who stomped and ended their game in less than twenty minutes, or lost quickly, were given the same per-game reward as a player who endured a forty-minute slugfest. Now, League of Legends games will reward 4 points per minute played for an average payout of 120 points for a 30-minute game.

Any rewards that previously rewarded players for games played have been translated to a similar total of points earned.

Teamfight Tactics games will yield two points per minute played or three points per minute should you place in the top four of the game. Hyper Roll and Double up will also yield the same reward rate as normal and ranked TFT lobbies. Meanwhile, Co-op vs AI games will grant the least amount of points, at one point per minute played, and double that for victories. This reduction is clearly meant to prevent Co-Op vs. AI lobbies from being abused for event points.

These changes should make the pass feel more consistent, with fewer players losing out on rewards because their games went long. If the numbers work out, League of Legends players should be more steadily able to achieve milestones rather than having to worry about game length holding them back.


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