LCS Spring Split suspended preemptively due to coronavirus

Melany Moncav • March 14, 2020 12:38 am

The LCS is suspending all operations until further notice, LCS Commissioner Chris Greely confirmed through Twitter.

The LCS is following the steps of the LEC and postponing all activities for the foreseeable future, including the Academy games. The decision came after a deep evaluation of the situation and conversation with the team owners. All parties involved agreed to hit pause on the season and adapt to the changing circumstances concerning the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

According to Greely, the LCS is looking to transition into an online format with all the teams playing from their facilities. The 2020 LCS Spring Split finals will be moved from Frisco, Texas to the home studio in Los Angeles. The split final is scheduled to take place on April 19.

LCS joins other League of Legends esports competitions shut by coronavirus

Because the LCS plays best-of-one, the league has more than enough time to complete the regular season. Other leagues like the LPL and LCK are working overtime to end the season on time. The LPL is currently playing the games from Week 2 and the LCK is yet to resume its activities.

The LCS is working with the local authorities to put in place safety protocols, so the league can resume soon. Even if the LCS gets the best protocols in place, it’s unlikely that the league will open the doors to the fans for the remainder of the spring season.  

People who purchased a ticket for the regular season and the final at the Ford Center in Frisco will receive a full refund within the next 10 days.

What will happen to MSI 2020?

Earlier this month, Riot Games announced the dates for the Mid-Season Invitational. The first international event of the year is supposed to run from July 3 to 19. The location is still yet to be revealed. Considering the new measures being taken around the world, there is a chance that MSI will be canceled this year.


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