LCS game broadcasts to show on Caffeine after Riot Games partnership

Quentyn Kennemer • July 15, 2019 8:04 pm

As if there weren’t enough options for watching pro League of Legends, Riot Games and Caffeine have partnered up to introduce another.

Caffeine, an up and coming streaming service, is the latest streaming partner for the LCS. The platform may now show official LCS action.

It will begin by showing the remainder of the 2019 Summer Split from here on out, including the regular season, playoffs, and finals, all followed by regional qualifiers for the League of Legends World Championship.

The deal also allows Caffeine’s broadcasters to host viewing parties for League play.

Caffeine is a relative newcomer to the game streaming scene. Former Apple TV designers Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts are responsible for its existence, and the platform has quickly gained interest thanks to a $100 million investment by New Fox.

“As our audience continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to bring the LCS to new platforms and distribution channels ensuring our fans are able to watch the broadcast on their preferred devices,” said Matt Archambault, the head of esports partnerships and business development for North America at Riot Games. 

Archambault expressed excitement to work with the new platform and to see new broadcasters in and around the community have a chance at calling the action in an LCS game.

Caffeine specializes in live broadcasts for gaming, esports, and traditional sporting events. It also embraces content produced by the creative community.

Caffeine has poached some content creators from Twitch and YouTube to grow its viewership, though it hasn’t been particularly aggressive.

The streaming platform offers a more social experience than its competitors. The smartphone app suggests content that your friends are into so that you can watch your favorite streamers together and support each other in growing your communities.

It also aims to appeal to smaller streamers who find it difficult to succeed on other platforms. With premium stickers and other features that promote engagement, opportunities for new streamers to make money are available from the very beginning.


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