Late Game Arena

Late Game Arena returns to Fortnite, brings back Pump Shotgun

By Olivia Richman


Aug 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Late Game Arena has returned to Fortnite, bringing some of the community’s favorite weapons back including the Pump Shotgun.

Fortnite announced on Twitter that the game mode has officially returned. Late Game Arena is a 60-player game mode that has competitors fighting to be the last squad standing using weapons, utility, and materials given to them at the beginning of each round.

While this is not a new game mode, there have been some changes. These were outlined in an official blog post from the Fortnite team.

Big changes to Late Game Arena in Fortnite

One of the biggest updates to Late Game Arena is the return of weapons from previous seasons and chapters. The most notable returning weapon is the Pump Shotgun.

This notorious weapon has been a favorite for a while and many Fortnite streamers have celebrated its return on social media. Alastair “Ali-A” Aiken shared the news excitedly on Twitter with his followers.

The Pump Shotgun long dominated the competitive Fortnite scene, with “double pump” being the go-to strategy for a long while. Late Game Arena also includes other popular weapons from past seasons.

Other changes include spawning, with players rift-spawning onto the island instead of dropping from the usual battle bus. This will avoid previous issues with the game mode, including squads getting eliminated too early.

“You’ll begin each round hovering 100 meters above the Island with 10 seconds to decide where exactly you want to land. Looking down will force you to dive, and you’ll be forced to deploy your Glider at 25 meters above the Island while being unable to pull your Glider sooner,” the blog explained.

The team added that teams would be given 20 seconds until the next location shows and 40 seconds until the Storm circle begins closing. Late Game Arena will also feature a scoreboard, allowing players to track their progress. For more competitive Fortnite players, there will be official competitions. The rules can be found here.


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