kkatamina subathon ends she becomes most-subbed female streamer

Olivia Richman • November 23, 23:30

Kim “kkatamina” Mi-young just ended her stream after a record-breaking two-week Twitch subathon.

kkatamina stopped her 14-day stream on November 22. She now has 73,618 subscribers, the third-highest subscriber count on the platform behind only xQc (80,000) and Critical Role (76,800). During the two weeks, kkatamina made more than $360,000 in subs.

“Thanks for having me. This has been the greatest two weeks of my life,” kkatamina said.

kkatamina breaks Twitch record during subathon

kkatamina reached her goal of becoming famous on Twitch on November 18 when she reached over 53,000 subscribers. That made her the most-subscribed female streamer on the platform. She went on to beat it by 20,000 subscribers by the end of the 14 days.

“We broke it. I think we broke it!” kkatamina yelled. “This felt impossible. How did we do this? Oh my god, this is so crazy.”

It started on November 10 as a way to celebrate her birthday and her one-year anniversary on Twitch. The subathon quickly became one of the most positive events on Twitch, with viewers happily supporting kkatamina throughout the two weeks.

In response to the stream ending, kkatamina said she was “super appreciative” of everyone who took part, expressing sadness with the subathon coming to an end.

“I can’t believe it,” kkatamina said. “Have fun everybody, okay? Be good. Spread happiness, a lot of positivity. So sad. I’m so sad!

After the timer hit 0:00, kkatamina had reached over 446,000 followers.

Who is kkatamina?

kkatamina is the most-subscribed female streamer on Twitch. She started streaming in 2020, quickly rising in popularity due to her genuine personality and the variety of her gaming content. She is most often found playing League of Legends or Among Us.


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