Kennen is getting buffed in patch 12.5 as new bee skins arrive

By Nicholas James


Mar 2, 2022

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Patch 12.5 has had the full change list announced, bringing League of Legends bee skins to the excitement of many fans.

While PROJECT and similarly serious skin lines have plenty of success, some of the cuter options also have wide appeal. The League of Legends bee skins have been a hit among the community, and the next patch brings more of them alongside some very light balance touches.

League of Legends bee skins expand in patch 12.5

Riot Games is leaning into the pun-based naming conventions for the new League of Legends bee skins, with cosmetics for Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Nunu & Willump, and Orianna. These adorable skins are named BZZZiggs, Heimerstinger, Nunu & Beelump, and Orbeeana, all groan-inducing plays on the champions’ names.

Apart from the arrival of League of Legends bee skins for a bevy of new champions, the patch is relatively light for balance purposes. Only four champions get nerfed, two adjusted, two buffed, and one item changed. The other big headlining news is that the Mythic Content Overhaul is coming next patch, so this is your last chance to spend Prestige Points and Gemstones before they get converted to the new system, or to claim 2018 or 2019 Prestige skins.

After patch 12.5, the Mythic Content Overhaul will begin and Gemstones and Prestige Points will be consolidated into Mythic Essence to match the currency overhaul from many years ago. You won’t lose any value, but will miss out on some selection when it comes to what you can spend the new currency on.

Patch 12.5 keeps buffs light with Samira and Kennen

It will be another month until the next patch, so Riot is opting not to rock the boat too much. Samira gets some base stat buffs as well as a second off her ultimate’s internal lockout. These changes won’t skyrocket her past Jinx in the meta but will help.

Kennen also gets some buffs, with the numbers on the extra auto-attack damage on his W at maximum stacks going up. Master Yi, Ahri, Xin Zhao, and Gwen get nerfed and Hullbreaker is becoming less effective for ranged champions. Overall the game will remain mostly the same heading towards 12.6


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