Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat may leave Twitch after all if this happens

By Olivia Richman


May 1, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Kai Cenat has finally given a clear answer regarding streaming on Twitch or Kick.

Kai Cenat is one of the most popular and successful streamers on Twitch right now. After a 30-day subathon full of questionable shenanigans earlier this year, Cenat has become the most-subbed streamer on the platform. While many celebrated his milestone, others wondered why Twitch ignored all of the things he did during that subathon that broke guidelines, including a possible sexual act on stream.

But that immunity didn’t last long. Kai Cenat ended up getting banned in April for recreating sexual behaviors while playing Grand Theft Auto.

Kai Cenat threatens to leave Twitch if banned again

After he got banned from Twitch, friend and fellow streamer, Adin Ross asked Cenat to join him on Kick. At the time, Cenat didn’t show any interest in leaving Twitch and even said that he was bigger than any platform. But it seems Cenat has had a change of heart.

Cenat recently did a stream with BruceDropEmOff and YourRage where he talked about the possibility of leaving Twitch after all.

During the discussion, Cenat seemed frustrated at Twitch’s reasonings for banning him. In response, his friends asked him how many times he has been banned.

Cenat replied: “I feel like if I get banned one more time, I’m off the f—ing platform for good.”

YourRage told Cenat that he shouldn’t have anything to worry about right now, calling him the “Golden Boy of Twitch.” But Cenat didn’t seem too sure, saying there are “a lot of Golden Boys out there.” Still, YouRage and BruceDropEmOff felt that Cenat was safe and that Twitch would be foolish to take anything away from him.

For now, only time will tell if Cenat’s threat is empty or not.