Kai Cenat Elden Ring DLC

Kai Cenat announces 100+ hour Elden Ring DLC stream

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2024

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It looks like Kai Cenat is back for more punishment after beating Elden Ring. Now, the popular streamer is looking to take on the Shadow of Erdtree DLC.

The Shadow of Erdtree is the first DLC for the challenging Elden Ring RPG game. It boasts an entirely new storyline, location, baddies to fight, dungeons to explore, and tough bosses. These are challenges that Kai Cenat is looking to take on.

Back in May, influencer Kai Cenat decided to livestream until he beat Elden Ring. Not a usual RPG player, it took Kai Cenat 167 hours and over 1,700 deaths to finally beat the game. After the nearly 200 hour stream, Kai collapsed onto the floor in victory and exhaustion.

“This game is an absolute cinema. 10/10, across the board. This is my favorite game I’ve ever played on a marathon on stream,” Kai Cenat said at the time.

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How to watch Kai Cenat Elden Ring DLC stream

On June 19, Kai Cenat announced that he was going to play the Elden Ring DLC when it comes out.

On June 21st at 6 PM EST, Kai will start a Shadow of Erdtree stream that will last until he beats it. He estimates that it will take him over 100 hours so it will be another marathon.

The announcement was accompanied with a dramatic trailer showing Kai Cenat getting sucked back into the world of Elden Ring. It’s clear that he’s not playing around with this DLC and plans to make the livestream another big event for his fans.

You can tune in for the livestream marathon on Kai Cenat’s official Twitch channel. Expect to hang out with thousands of other fans as he takes on the DLC and its tough bosses while screaming in his usual fashion.