Cenat IShowSpeed

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed swarmed by fans after address leak

By Olivia Richman


Jun 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Kai Cenat and Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins recently leaked their own address, leading to an invasion of fans.

Popular streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed have been collaborating a lot lately, including their own livestreamed show called The Kai ‘N Speed Show on Rumble. Right now, the show is scheduled to stream three times a month, getting hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The latest episode started off with a bang — but in the wrong way.

IShowSpeed leaks his own address to fans

Before the most recent episode of the Kai ‘N Speed Show even aired, IShowSpeed leaked the two streamers’ location. It was said that the leak happened on Snapchat, with the entire address getting out to fans.

Cenat looked outside to see a huge gathering of fans already starting to form.

“N—, Speed is a f—ing d—head,” he said. “He leaked the f—ing address and look how many people outside. How you f—ing leak the addy, though?”

In response, IShowSpeed simply said: “I ain’t mean to.”

After the initial shock of seeing fans swarming their location, Cenat and IShowSpeed ultimately ended up going outside and getting hype with the excited kids. But some people feel that IShowSpeed did it on purpose.

A few fans wondered how he could accidentally leak an entire address. Others noted that the controversial streamer also leaked KSI’s phone number — twice.

When is the Kai ‘N Speed Show?

The Kai ‘N Speed Show streams three times a month. The exact schedule is not listed but the two streamers have confirmed the topics for the upcoming episodes.

Episode 3 will have both streamers in Japan, which will make for some vibrant travel content. Episode 4 is going to be “100 Women vs 2,” a common format for this style of content that has 100 women competing in challenges against the content creators.