Kaceytron is latest victim of Dream’s Minecraft fan toxicity

By Olivia Richman


Mar 23, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

A hashtag asking for Dream stans to be canceled started trending after some of Dream’s fans sent death threats to content creator Awesome Nintendo Facts, and the incident led to a whole lot of drama involving longtime Twitch streamer Kaceytron.

Awesome Nintendo Facts had tweeted that Dream “wasn’t deserving” of his impressive YouTube following, triggering many of the Minecraft streamer’s fans to attack all of Awesome Nintendo Facts’ accounts. 

“The community is an absolute shithole of a community. I do not respect any of the bullshit me or my supporters have been given and you guys need to get a fucking life already…” Awesome Nintendo Facts tweeted. 

Dream caught wind of the drama and essentially denied all responsibility for his fanbase’s toxicity. He stated that he “doesn’t support death threats” but felt that calling out fans wouldn’t stop them from doing it anyway. He later said it was just a “small percentage” of fans that were behaving in such a negative way, though some in the Minecraft community said that even a small percentage was “too many.” 

Kaceytron responds to Dream fanbase toxicity

Dream’s fanbase has been under fire multiple times for their behavior. In the past, Dream fans were called out for “shipping” a minor against their consent. Dream did denounce that behavior at the time, but it hasn’t stopped the fans from continuing to be toxic towards other content creators. This is most likely due to Dream’s own behavior towards other streamers, which is often criticized. 

Streamer Kaceytron has been speaking out against Dream’s fanbase for a while now. Because of this, many fans have been attempting to get her “canceled,” even bringing up old content in hopes of finding something to more effectively blame her for. Yestserday, fans accused her of using racial epithets while rapping along with a song on stream, but Kaycetron noted that she said “native,” which was the actual lyrics to the song. 

But the attacking fans weren’t deterred. 

In a recent live stream, Kaceytron went over some of the messages she’s received from Dream’s fans since the drama started. This includes being told to kill herself, people wishing to “put a pick-ax through her teeth,” and threatening to push her down the stairs. In response, many of Kaceytron’s fans expressed how kind and happy the streamer usually is, calling out Minecraft fans for “breaking her.” 

Later on in the stream, a friend of Kaceytron came on to speak about the toxic and harmful mentality of “stans.” He pointed towards BTS fans and how the boy band ended up calling out their fandom as its toxicity became overwhelming. Now she believes that some Minecraft fans are starting to reach that same level. But she pointed out that Minecraft streamers “care too much about the money” to call out their own fans’ behavior. 

Dream responds to toxic Minecraft fans’ behavior

After a while, Dream himself showed up on the broadcast. When asked if he denounces toxic stans, Dream said “of course,” although he stated that toxic fan behavior has been happening throughout the history of the internet and wasn’t relegated to his own fandom.

“I report accounts that do things like that. Anybody who posts things like that gets shunned out of the community. I don’t consider them a part of the community,” Dream said. “Most of the people doxxing and stuff are using burner accounts because they know they will get held accountable.”

Kaceytron admitted that she had been doxxed multiple times, including her address being posted by Minecraft fans. 

The streaming community was not satisfied with Dream’s response to the ongoing issues within his fandom. He has made statements that seemed to blame victims in some related instances, telling people to “just ignore it” and pointing out how it was just a “vocal minority.” A lot of people accused Dream of being “scared” of his fans and not wanting them to turn on him. 

Others accused Dream of being a “narcissist” and possibly even enjoying his fans’ behavior. This has resulted in some demanding that Dream himself be canceled. 


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