KaBuM! e-Sports vs Flamengo eSports 2020 CBLOL finals betting analysis

By Melany Moncada


May 6, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

On May 9, KaBuM! e-Sports and Flamengo eSports will clash in the 2020 CBLOL Split 1 finals.

The 2020 CBLOL Split 1 is coming to an end, and KaBuM! and Flamengo are disputing the championship title. Both teams played clean series in semifinals that finished with 3-0 results. KaBuM! and Flamengo are heading into the finals with momentum and confidence to take the title.

Flamengo the favorite to take CBLOL title

KaBuM! and Flamengo played three times through the regular season. Flamengo had the upper hand in the first two series, but KaBuM! took a convincing victory in the third encounter. In the semifinals, both teams had clean performances. KaBuM! gets more credit for their win considering it was against frontrunner Vivo Keyd.

From a stylistic point of view, both of these finalist teams are similar. The junglers teams up with solo laners to wreak havoc across the map. KaBuM! plays through its top laner, Lee “Parang” Sang-won, while Flamengo plays primarily through mid lane veteran Bruno “Goku” Miyaguchi.

Parang and Goku, despite playing different roles on the map, represent the key matchup for this game. Both players are the aggressive super carry every team dreams off. Parang and Goku are skilled players that understand their role in the lineup and go above and beyond in every match.

The second key matchup is between junglers Na “Wiz” Yoo-joon and Filipe “Ranger” Brombilla. With super carries like Parang and Goku, the junglers must be on top of everything to guarantee their laners are getting ahead. Neither Wiz nor Ranger prioritize the dragons or Rift’s Heralds, instead choosing to protect the team’s lanes early. Whoever gets to the objectives first will get the edge in the series.

The odds favor Flamengo with a 1.52 line over KaBuM!’s 2.53. These numbers should not be taken at face value. In the previous round, KaBuM! was not the favorite to take the series. KaBuM! might upset Flamengo in finals if everything goes according to plan.

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