Johnsun after beating TL: “I’m glad I’m not stuck in Academy”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 2, 2020

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Dignitas is currently 3-0 in the Spring Split after defeating Team Liquid.

The only rookie on a team full of veterans, Johnsun “Johnsun” Nguyen was all smiles after Dignitas’ latest victory. Johnsun talked with about their win over Team Liquid and his goal for the Spring Split. 

Team Liquid is considered the top North American team. Is this how you thought the match would go? 

I was nervous. I was vocal about the call, saying we should kill Senna. But we were on defense. We still almost lost the game but managed to win the big team fight. 

I got to play against Doublelift. I watched him since Season 2. He is kind of like my idol. 

That must have felt amazing, to play against Doublelift on the LCS stage. 

I was kind of nervous. I almost threw the game. 

What allowed you guys to get control over the early game? 

We were able to play tempo properly. We got the Rift Herald. We traded top turret for two turrets. We should have slowed down our pace. In a mid game scrim, we got fucked up. We lost side wave management. There was an awkward space of being split pushed.

We fucking went all-in on the Baron. We didn’t get Baron but we got the fourth dragon. 

How were you able to tell when would be the right moment to engage on Liquid at the end of the game? 

It’s more like they tried to take too much. If they had not died, we would have been fucked. We wouldn’t have been able to push out. But we both threw the game. 

You came into this season as underdogs, but you’re now 3-0. Why do you think this team is working so well? 

I think prior to this year, we had bad showings. People just thought our play styles didn’t match. Expectations were low.

I think we are doing well because our team is working hard. We’re uplifting and supportive of each other. Our coaching staff is really smart and help us learn from our mistakes. 

How has it been being on stage? 

It feels really nice. My hard work is paying off. I’m always learning every scrim and I apply it to the LCS matches.

When I was playing in Academy, nobody really watched or focused on it. I’m glad I’m not stuck in Academy and can showcase that I’m a hard worker and can prove people wrong. 

Everyone on the team are veterans of the game. How has that been for you? 

It feels nice. They’re knowledgeable and know how to play the game. If things go wrong, if I do wrong, nobody flames me. It’s more supportive.

They know I’m good, too, and they’re very supportive. We try to bring the best out of each other. 

What’s something you learned from your teammates? 

From Aphromoo, I learned how to play the game at this level. Before that, I was playing comp like I would in solo queue and would get abused by bot lane for making too many mistakes. But I was not being told what [my mistakes] were. 

What is your goal for Spring Split? 

Initially it was not to int.

Now it’s to get to playoffs. Now it’s to win my first series and see how it goes from there. If you’re not first [at the end of the Spring Split], there’s no point. You don’t get points for Worlds or anything like that.


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