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Jett is the most OP agent in Valorant, VCT Champions stats prove

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

New stats from Valorant Champions 2021 prove that the wind ranger Jett is a top pick of both casual and competitive Valorant players alike. 

Valorant’s biggest circuit has finally come to an end at Verti Music Hall in Berlin. The intensely competitive event touched the soul of esports enthusiasts, but it also left a meaningful impact on the game meta. Tons of players watching the last stage of VCT 2021 will be implementing what they learned from the pro games. 

If you didn’t follow VCT, don’t fret. Nothing much has changed. After a whole year of the game’s release, Jett remains the forerunner of the Valorant’s duelist protocol. 

What’s the best agent in Valorant?

According to the pro players at VCT Champions 2021, Jett is one of the best agents in Valorant. The powerful agent saw an insanely high pick rate, beating the likes of Reyna, Raze, and Sova. 

Jett and Reyna are two duelists that see plenty of playtime in ranked games. While Reyna failed to make the cut, Jett has landed herself on the pick-list of pro players. According to, Jett was picked 82% throughout the VCT Champions 2021. On Breeze, her pick-rate is as high as 100%. Sova was also picked on Breeze by all teams, coming second to Jett on ranking with a 68% pick rate. 

Kay/O and Astra also made surprise appearances on top order of the VCT agents. Astra came third with 59%, and Kay/O beat old-time bosses like Brimstone, Omen, and Pheonix with an 18% pick rate. As expected, Yoru was neglected entirely, but things have been looking up for him since Riot announced his rework for 2022

Who’s the best healer in Valorant? 

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Sage was Valorant’s only healer until Skye arrived with her trinkets and a loaded oxygen tank. According to pro players at VCT, Skye is the better healer as she was played 15% more than Sage. The natural Initiator carries a healing trinket that can patch up an entire team within its radius, making her a much viable pick. 

Despite the high numbers for Skye, Sage is still second to none, thanks to her resurrection ability. Unless Riot Games spawn an agent that can bring back the dead, Sage will remain one of the best agents in Valorant. 

Why is Jett is the best duelist in Valorant? 

Jett is currently the only agent in Valorant who has a versatile kit with a twist of movement tactics. Her mobility on hefty weapons allows her to escape risky situations and still gain advantage for her team.

While using the Operator, Jett becomes invincible. If the rumors of a new Filipino agent having mobility tricks and hacking powers come true, Jett’s pick rate might take a slight hit.