JD Gaming recovers from loss to DAMWON, beats PSG Talon in Worlds 2020

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JD Gaming got its first win of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage by humiliating PSG Talon.

LPL second seed JDG had to rebound from a crushing defeat against DAMWON Gaming on the first day of the group stage by facing PSG Talon. JDG had a rough game where they fell behind from level one, which DAMWON punished with a quick stomp. JDG was expected to be competitive against DAMWON, but it looks like JDG still has a lot to improve on to reach that level. JDG struggled to get their team-fight-heavy playstyle going against DAMWON, but it went better against PSG Talon. 

As seen in JDG’s first game, they drafted quite a lot of early game aggression, with late-game insurance in Ashe in the bot lane. DAMWON punished JDG’s offensive plays, but PSG Talon couldn’t manage to do the same. Mid laner Zang “YaGao” Qi and support Zuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao pulled off some successful early-game kills which got JDG’s tactic rolling. 

The early gold lead left PSG Talon with little to no chance of a comeback and will therefore have to end the day on an 0-2 record. JDG on the other hand, ties up the score and are now fighting with Rogue for the second seed in the group. 

JDG rebounds through coordinated fights at Worlds 2020

JDG is known as one of the most coordinated teams in the world and is able to pull off some impressive fights. This strength was not present against DAMWON, but was finally unleashed against PSG Talon. JDG did not give the team that cleared the play-ins a chance to breathe and was constantly looking to fight. 

JDG still have to prove that they can stand with the biggest teams, even though a quick win against PSG Talon will give them some confidence going into the next few days. Their next opponent is Rogue, a team that likes to play much slower. The two playstyles might end up crashing into each other unless JDG is looking to play a more a more scaling-focused composition and showcase their macro gameplay. 

JDG and Rogue will play on October 5. 


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