Jame criticizes CSGO teams for using strategy sheets at majors

By Olivia Richman


Nov 22, 2022

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Outsiders in-game leader Dzhami “Jame” Ali has some criticism for how Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are run when it comes to strategy sheets being used mid-match.

Outsiders recently beat Heroic to become the winner of the IEM Rio Major earlier this month. But during his time at the tournament, Jame noticed some things he didn’t like. This included players bringing materials to a match to consult with teammates during tactical timeouts.

“I would also remove the ability for players to use the strategy sheets that they have in front of their computers in tournaments. It’s not fair, it’s not fair. I want only the coaches to have these sheets, so that they can only voice them at the timeout. People just look at what is written on the sheet with the rounds, and may not even remember,” said Jame to Cybersport.ru.

Instead, Jame suggested that the rules be changed back to how it was in the early days of CSGO. Back then, players could only have their own keyboard and mouse in front of them at tournaments. The players would have to just remember the tactics and strategies instead of discussing them together during the major, similar to traditional sports.

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The IGL added that having a strat book on hand is a “permanent cheat sheet.”

“Even the role of the captain fades into the background. You don’t have to be a super-genius captain who needs to come up with something on the go. You can print 50 rounds on a piece of paper and say ‘We are doing round number 38, open this page.’ What, then, is the meaning of the captain? This is the element that distinguishes a strong player from a weak one. If you can’t remember some things, then you’re losing the competition. It’s a good ancillary item that I would get rid of to increase the competition,” Jame explained.

Will Valve ban strategy sheets after criticism from Jame?

The reason that teams have been given the ability to check notes and discuss strats, however, is because Valve recently changed how coaches can interact with their team during majors. Coaches can only discuss strategy during tactical timeouts.

It’s unlikely that Jame’s opinion will have an impact on how tournaments are run any time soon. But the CSGO community likes to listen to his insight since he’s often regarded as one of the most intelligent players in the FPS scene. This was especially solidified after his stellar performance and championship at the IEM Rio Major.


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