IWillDominate will be co-streaming the 2021 LPL Summer Split

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Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera has been given co-streaming privileges for the 2021 LPL Summer Split. 

Up until now, only the official English broadcast has provided Western fans with an LPL stream but that will change now. As of this summer split, IWillDominate will be able to co-stream the league on his own Twitch channel like he has done with the LCS for several splits. This move is looking to create more interest from the West around the best Chinese league. 

The permission was given to IWillDominate shortly after Riot introduced its new LCS Watch Party Program. The new program is made to support certain content creators in co-streaming and will work independently from the broader League Partnership Program (LPP). With the new program, LCS co-streaming rights are now only given to the content creators in the LCS Watch Party Program. 

IWillDominate is one of the content creators in the new program and it already seems that Riot is supporting him in new ways by allowing an LPL co-stream. It’s still unknown if other LCS Watch Party members will get the same access, so for now, IWillDominate will get the honor after showing big interest in the Chinese League of Legends scene for a long time. 

The LPL is currently the defending MSI champions, with Royal Never Give Up winning the trophy over DWG KIA. The recent international success will likely put even more focus on the LPL for the summer split, which IWillDominate will now have the perfect chance to capitalize on. 

Despite LPL being one of the strongest regions for years, the Western audience has never really caught on to the league. This is despite LPL having a lot of prominent teams and an aggressive playstyle that many should find entertaining. Instead, the Korean LCK has gotten much more attention from the Western community. All this might change now, as the LPL is opening up for co-streams.

The 2021 LPL Summer Split kicks off on June 7 and it’s expected that IWillDominate will be online to follow the games.


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