Ivern is getting buffed while LoL players tout Camille nerfs

Nicholas James • November 30, 17:44

Riot Games is known to not tinker overly much with the internal balance of League of Legends during any given preseason, but Riot is still fine softening Camille’s iron grip on the top lane. Large changes to the macro game lead to sudden changes elsewhere, and it can be worth waiting for the metagame to stabilize before making large changes in response.

Patch 11.24 is indicative of this approach with a lighter touch towards balance changes. Only Ivern sees buffs in this patch preview. Meanwhile, Camille is the lone champion likely to get nerfed. Riot’s keeping its changes small and controlled for the preseason’s first damage rebalancing. Game designer RiotPhlox took to Twitter to preview the expected changes.

Items and systems changes make up most of patch 11.24

The vast majority of important changes on this patch are tweaks to changes made during the preseason. The new Archangel’s Staff is expected to receive a buff, alongside both new dragons, Hextech and Chemtech. The buff to dragons is only to the reward for claiming the dragon, not the Dragon Soul.

Conqueror will also look to receive a buff after its mini rework has failed to hold up in the long term. These aren’t expected to be radical powerups, so champions who rely on Archangel’s Staff and Conqueror will get some small help in keeping up with their opponents.

Camille finally gets a nerf, Preseason changes nerfed

Riot clearly has plenty in patch 11.23 that they want to tone down. Predator, Glacial Augment, and Chemtech Dragon Soul are the only non-item system mechanics to be getting nerfs. Crown of the Shattered Queen, Cosmic Drive, Evenshroud, and Frostfire Gauntlet are all getting reined in a bit. Axiom Arc, Lethal Tempo, and Kled are all getting adjustments as well. The latter changes seem likely to be nerfs given the preseason meta, but it’s possible Kled may get some slight quality of life buffs.

Camille in particular has gotten complaints about her ability to bully most top lane matchups relentlessly, between her gap closing ability and her easily accessed true damage. Camille’s ability to lock in on a single threat and isolate them away from team fights, along with her sheer mobility and raw damage, have made her challenging for her top lane opponents. Top lane players will likely be happy to see the wire-slinging terror given fewer tools with which to delete squishy targets.


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