One-way smoke Dust 2

It’s almost impossible to stop this execute on Dust 2’s A site

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 16, 2021

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Are you scared of rushing B on Dust 2? This proper A setup may help you play a more composed game. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most-played map is also the one that’s most difficult to master. Dust 2 can be a hellhole if you don’t have great aim and know your lineups. This makes teamwork critical, which isn’t always easy to come by in regular matchmaking. The map is designed to let skilled AWPers shine, sometimes at the expense of more utility-focused styles, but few smokes and molotovs can still make a huge difference. 

For this setup, your team will need two smokes, a molotov, flashbang, and a HE grenade. To sneak in A short, ask your teammate to set up a standard catwalk smoke. The lineup shown here will bounce and land on Xbox, blocking off snipers hiding behind mid doors and any cheeky push through tunnels to attack cat. 

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Move inside A short, and prepare a molotov to evacuate a predictable goose angle. For this lineup, adjust your crosshair with the stairs’ crack and align your aim with the window, as shown in the image. Run and throw the molotov to burn any enemies snuggled in goose. 

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After clearing out this critical angle, lineup your one-way multipurpose smoke. Align yourself to the middle of the metal door and aim at the opposite wall. Place your crosshair a bit to the right of the crack, as shown in the image. Press left click and throw the smoke. This smoke will land on the ledge and block out enemies’ view from A site. 

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This blockage gives an aim advantage for the T side, and sets up a smooth push to the site. Even more useful is how there’s a small corner in the smoke that gives a clear line of sight to the A-long car. This peak should allow you to take down anybody watching short with an AWP. 

These grenade lineups allow the T side to shut down almost every major defensive position that can help repel a push through catwalk. You can also throw a nade through the smoke on the right side of the car just to ensure a safe detour. Once you have these areas clear, throw a flashbang on the left side to blindside everyone at A.

This is how the setup should look like: 

This is when your aim comes into play. The utility will undoubtedly push the enemies away, but you may want to keep your weapons at the ready to pick duels if need be. 

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