It looks like Dota 2 Twitch drops may be returning for TI10

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new Dota 2 update might have leaked a fan favorite feature returning for TI10.

A hidden file found by data miners has potentially revealed a Twitch drop system for Dota 2. One potential explanation is that Valve plans to reintegrate Dota 2 stream rewards for The International 10. No details have been discovered for how to claim these drops or what they contain, but they will probably work similarly to previous Dota 2 Twitch drops.

Dota 2 data miner Pavel Djundik revealed his findings through social media. He found a single command line that was recently updated to mention Twitch drops taken from deep in the game’s files. The DLL files that contain the hidden code are in both the Linux and Windows versions of Dota 2. The line’s location is obscure, making it seem more likely that a Valve developer may have added this change on purpose. Valve has not confirmed, or even hinted at, bringing Twitch drops back to Dota 2.

If Dota 2 does get Twitch drops added this year, The International 10 is the perfect occasion to use them. The $40 million tournament will begin October 7, so Valve doesn’t have much time to put the system together. If the rumors are correct, expect an official announcement for TI10 viewer rewards soon.

What’s in TI10 Twitch drops?

TI10 Twitch drops will probably include a mix of older item sets and treasures. The best thing to Valve is currently offering free Dota 2 skins via the fantasy challenge. If Valve really wanted to go all-out, they could spruce up a few hero sets or even immortals. As for the future of Dota 2 Twitch drops, they could make appearances in the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit.

$40 million is a lot, but Valve probably still can’t be bothered to make new sets. Dota 2 used to have Twitch integration that gave some players special items marked with the exclusive heroic rarity. Valve discontinued the viewership reward system when Dota 2 transitioned to the Source 2 engine.


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