IShowSpeed’s failed experiment ends with medical emergency

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins has been rushed to medics again, but this time due to a failed science experiment. 

IShowSpeed is no stranger to ending up in a hospital bed due to his questionable antics. Previously, the streamer tried celebrating July 4th in his room with fireworks, which turned out exactly how everyone had imagined: in a disaster. 

This time, the streamer experimented with dangerous chemicals, filling his room with gas and putting himself and his cameraman in danger. After breathing in the chemicals for several minutes, firefighters were summoned to tend to the streamer. 

Is IShowSpeed hospitalized after Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment?

No. The Elephant Toothpaste experiment went wrong, but IShowSpeed is doing fine. Here’s what happened. 

Speed’s October 3rd stream began with a seemingly innocent science experiment called “Elephant’s Toothpaste,” where two chemicals — hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodide — are mixed with dishwashing soap to create a foamy reaction. The final product is supposed to look like a massive toothpaste strip, hence called Elephant’s Toothpaste.

Elephant's Toothpaste
Credits: Mental Floss

However, Speed’s science experiment went south, filling his room with gas and constricting his breathing. Right off the bat, the streamer knew that the experiment didn’t work, but he still stayed in the room for too long.

Despite his cameraman, slipz, advising him to escape the gas, Speed remained in the room for at least two minutes, enough to make him dizzy. 

“Did it work?” Speed yelled as oxygen filled his room. The experiment, in fact, didn’t work.

Fortunately, the gasses weren’t fatally toxic and didn’t require another hospital visit. According to slipz, Speed couldn’t breathe due to staying in the room for too long and needing medical attention. Paramedics and firefighters helped him recover, and the streamer was fine soon after. 

Still, the risky experiment was concerning and could definitely cause more harm. But fans are glad that Speed is doing fine.