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Is xQc moving to YouTube? Cr1tikal says Twitch won’t care

By Olivia Richman


Dec 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Charles “Moistcr1tikal” White recently discussed big streamers such as “Ludwig” Anders Ahgren leaving Twitch for YouTube, sharing opinions that have shocked some in the streaming community.

Ludwig recently announced that he was leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube, something that came as a surprise since the streamer had recently held a record-breaking subathon on Twitch. But popular influencers including Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter were not shocked by the move, praising YouTube for caring more about its streamers than Twitch does.

This is something that Moistcr1tikal touched upon in a recent stream. The popular YouTuber explained that Twitch wouldn’t even care if a big name like Felix “xQc” Lengyel left. In fact, they would possibly be relieved since he is a potential “brand risk.”

“They have banned that guy f—— 30 times or some s— by now. They would not care. That is the impression I get from that department… That they would not care,” Cr1tikal said.

Is xQc leaving Twitch?

During his stream, Moistcr1tikal made it clear that he was just using xQc as an example of how little Twitch cares about losing their top streamers. He put his hands up and said that he had no insight into whether or not xQc was planning to leave the popular streaming platform.

xQc recently had part of his Twitch income leaked after the platform was breached. It was revealed that xQc was one of the top earners on Twitch, raking in $8,454,427.17. He made $752,000 in September alone, which only counts certain income from the site.

Since xQc makes so much on Twitch and has such a big following on the platform, it’s hard to believe he would consider leaving for another platform unless he gets a pretty hefty offer. Still, his tumultuous relationship with Twitch may lead to some changes in the future. And other top earners on Twitch have already fled the platform, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Who has left Twitch for YouTube?

The reason people were quick to speculate if xQc may be leaving after Cr1tikal’s stream is that many other big streamers have done so in the past few years.

Valkyrae left for YouTube in early 2020, becoming the Queen of YouTube soon after. She has continuously praised YouTube for its treatment of streamers and openness to innovation. CourageJD, Dr Disrespect, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, and Ludwig have also made the switch to YouTube.