Space Marine 2 co-op

Is Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 co-op?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 2, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2’s PvE mode was first announced at the Warhammer Skulls 2024 showcase, and gamers have been excited ever since.

Unfortunately, previous Warhammer games forced you to experience the violence and mayhem alone, so many are wondering if the upcoming sequel is the same way. Will Space Marine 2 have a co-op? Here’s what we know.

Space Marine 2 PvE mode is co-op

Space Marine 2’s PvE mode is called Operations. It’s described as having a three-man squad take on the Tyranid as different classes with their own distinct playstyles.

The PvE mode is “deeply tied to the story,” according to an interview with creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick. This meant creating a PvE mode that felt like a large Warhammer war instead of isolated battles.

Space Marines Warhammer 40k

Said Hollis-Leick: “Our war takes place across three planetary bodies in a solar system, and we want to make sure that we convey this military campaign. We have our Battle Barge where the Space Marines all meet and connect, and you can see ships taking off and going out to battle, then coming back again and getting repaired.”

The PvE system immerses friend groups by having you handle objectives that contribute towards Titus’ campaign and you can communicate with them in real-time over Vox. This means you’ll hear a conversation in the campaign with Titus and then “actually get to play the other side of that radio conversation” in the PvE mode, allowing you to “see what hell was breaking loose in the background of that call.”

Operations will basically feel like an extension of the campaign, filling in the ongoing war even more.

Expect more PvE content to be included in the Macragge’s Chosen DLC. Pre-order Space Marine 2 to get this DLC as a bonus before the game drops in September of 2024.