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Is Valorant getting a new agent class in 2023?

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 22, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Why did Riot leave out the third category while revealing upcoming agents in State of the Agents? Valorant players are crafting theories, and one makes a lot of sense. 

Valorant just got tons of new content. Lotus, Harbor, a map switch, and more, but Riot is a well-oiled content machine, and we are not complaining. The developer has already dropped a hot teaser for Valorant agent 22, but there’s more. Valorant could be getting a game-changing update to its agent classes, according to some fan theories. 

During the video, John Goscicki revealed that Valorant would get three new agents in 2023. Agent 22 will likely be an initiator, 23 a sentinel, and while Goscicki was feeling generous with information, he kept the category of the third agent a secret. 

Valorant teaser spawns new agent class mystery

The tactical shooter’s developer shared all but one category for the agent slated for 2023, which has led many to think that Valorant could be getting a whole new class. But that’s not the case.

“We’ll be releasing an initiator, a sentinel, and finally… We are not going to quite give that one away yet. You’ll have to wait until later in the year to find out,” He said. 

Valorant agent

Since that video, Valorant players have been holding their breath and putting two and two together. Some players have long been asking for a hybrid category that houses agents that don’t quite fit into their assigned class. It’s not bad to hope, but players were going gaga with theories and the developer had to step in. It turns out, a new agent class is not happening.

“Glad to see the excitement around the next Agent news and tease, but we want to clarify two things: We know the role for the 3rd Agent this year, just not sharing yet. The 3rd role is not a “new” role, like a bipedal tank or something. It’s 1 of the 4 current ones,” Jeff Landa said.

So, Valorant agent 24 will belong to the same old classes. Let’s explore another, more practical, reason. It’s possible that Riot hasn’t yet decided whether they want to release a duelist or controller as the last agent for 2023. So the cliffhanger could just be to flame the theories and rumors. 

Whatever the case, Valorant could surely use a fresh new face that could rejuvenate the protocol. So far, almost all new agents have flopped, at least as compared to the popularity of the original classes. New additions have yet to hit the mark, and maybe the third mystery agent added in 2023 might do that.